About Koken-Kai


Koken-Kai is a study group for Japanese company owners and business executives and more than 200 member companies join the group. Dr, Ohmae, one of the most prestigious management consultants in the world, hosts the group and studies with the members on a variety of topics in economy, business, political matters and foreign affairs. They analyze these issues in terms of decision makers so that the analysis is beneficial for the members' decision making in their business. The members of Koken-Kai join the group around Japan, especially Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka.

Their business types are diversified such as manufacturing, infrastructure and others.


  • Monthly regular seminar
  • Yearly oversea study tour
  • Launch a business with foreign partners
  • Joint investment

Koken-Kai Overseas Study Program

Koken-Kai conducts study trip overseas once or twice every year because Dr. Ohmae wants the member to learn countries or regions, which have potentiality for further development. He thinks top management should pay attention to such countries or regions.

Trips are planned and attended by Dr. Ohmae and the members learn latest trend in global economy and business. As well, Koken-Kai promotes friendship and connection with people there.

Additionally, face-to-face meeting with political leaders around the world is one of the tour's purposes.

For reference 1

  • 2005 Lee Teng-hui (The 8th and 9th President of the Republic of China)
  • 1998 Romano Prodi (The 76th and 80th Prime Minister of Italy)
  • 1995 Lee Kuan Yew (The 1st Prime Minister of Singapore)
  • 1995 Mahathir bin Mohamad (The 4th Prime Minister of Malaysia)
  • 1994 Paul John Keating (The 24th Prime Minister of Australia)

For reference 2

  • 2010 Jeju, South Korea & Australia (Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast)
  • 2009 Indonesia (Bali & Jakarta)
  • 2008 China (Dalian), Ukraine (Kiev) & Romania (Bucharest)
  • 2007 China (Macau), Russia (Moscow, Saint-Petersburg )
  • 2006 India (Mumbai), UAE (Dubai)
  • 2005 Turkey (Istanbul, Izmir, Bodrum)
  • 2005 Taiwan
  • 2004 Central Europe (Budapest, Prague, Warszawa)
  • 2004 Korea
  • 2003 Northern Europe (Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen)
  • 2002 China (Dalian, Qingdao, Beijing, Tianjin)
  • 2001 China (Shanghai, Suzhou, ShaMen, GuangZhou, Dongguan, ShenZhen)
  • 1999 East coast area of United States, (Boston, New York, Washington D.C., and Orlando)
  • 1998 Ireland, UK, and Northern Italy
  • 1997 Philippine, Myanmar, and Malaysia
  • 1996 West coast area of the United States
  • 1995 Vietnam, Malaysia, India, and Singapore
  • 1994 Australia (Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne)

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