About Bond-BBT MBA ボンド大学学長メッセージ

Welcome by the Vice-Chancellor


I take great pride and pleasure in introducing you to Australia’s first and largest private, not-for-profit university – Bond University. At Bond University you will find a culture of teaching and learning in which traditional scholastic values are complemented by innovative programs. Our low student/staff ratio provides students with personalized tuition and you will have easy access to academic staff at all levels.

All staff at Bond University are selected with care, the main criteria being that student welfare and student progress are paramount in all that we do. Unlike most universities in Australia, we work three semesters in each academic year. This allows the completion of all degrees, both undergraduate and postgraduate, in minimal time, with no loss of quality in teaching and learning.

Bond University has Australia’s most balanced mix of Australian and international students. Each of our graduates automatically becomes a member of the Bond University Alumni Association, which provides an instant international network of contacts. We are very proud that our graduates not only find employment but are specifically sought after by prestigious national and international employers.

Should you choose to become a member of our university family, you will find you have chosen a true Alma Mater which will give you a lifetime of support. I look forward to welcoming you to Bond University as we determinedly pursue our goal to be recognised as the acknowledged university of excellence in Australia.

Bond-BBT MBAを運営するボンド大学学長から、検討中の皆様へのメッセージです。ボンド大学の教育に対する想いをご覧ください。Bond-BBT MBAは、豪州名門ボンド大学とビジネス・ブレークスルー(代表:大前研一)が全面提携することで実現したオンラインの海外MBAプログラムです。